7 Frequently asked Questions and Answers about Study Abroad

If you have ventured into this blog then you must be either facing or knowing the current scenario that the students are struggling with. Battling with their minds to choose a perfect place where they can shape their 7 Frequently asked Questions and Answers about Study Abroad career perfectly. Many students foster a dream of studying abroad at the best place to head towards a better future. The kind of future which they had always dreamt of.

Everyone wants the best career for themselves and it is too apparent. Students wish to be at a place where they can be guided towards betterment only, but it is very much evident that they usually become unable to find the most appropriate 7 Frequently asked Questions and Answers about Study Abroad place where their higher education is performed in a way they’ve always desired. Due to immense advancement and modernization across the globe, now there is an infinite number of career options for the aspirants which have been opened to them which makes students surrounded by fewer career options and college/institute according to it and they end up selecting an imperfect one.

All these mishaps occur because of the guidance, mentorship, and advice the students are lacking nowadays and their entire future gets at stake. But now not to get bothered anymore as Nepcoms Services is here. Nepcoms Services are the ones and best study abroad consultants in Dehradun that deal with converting dreams into reality. We deal with guiding students to 7 Frequently asked Questions and Answers about Study Abroad choose the best international college/institution as per their caliber and liking.
We guide our students who want to get themselves enrolled in abroad colleges for their higher education. Along with this, we provide plenty of other services to the students who want them to study in the following countries:-

• Australia
• UK(United Kingdom)
• Canada
• New Zealand
• The USA

Services we offer are:-

• Comprehensive Counselling
• Student Application Processing
• Scholarship Assistance
• Student Visa Guidance and Lodgement
• Pre Departure Briefing

In our entire journey of serving students as we are studying abroad consultants in Dehradun and leading them towards the best, there are endless questions we have been asked by the students as7 Frequently asked Questions and Answers about Study Abroad per their concerns and we have answered all of them without any point of confusion being left.
Out of all uncountable questions, there are some very frequently asked questions we have got and our experts have answered all of them very well. We wish to share those with you too as well as they are as important to know for one who is planning to study abroad. Some of them are: –

1) Why should one study abroad?

The study abroad programs are becoming popular with each passing day because of so many reasons, for most international students it appears to be a combination of gaining a high-quality education, experience, immersion in a new culture (and often a second language), gaining a new globalized mindset, and expanding future employment prospects.

2) How does any individual can save money while studying abroad?

Studying abroad can be a little expensive; there are various scholarships and financial aid services are available for you where you can apply easily. In addition to that, you can:
• Share accommodation and rent with your friends.
• You can prefer homemade meals rather than going out to eat.
• Consider purchasing a concession travel card, as it can save your travel expenses.
• Find a casual/part-time job.

3) What scholarships am I eligible for?

There is 1 million dollars worth of scholarships to be awarded globally. It all depends on the university you are studying in, you may be eligible for various scholarships.

4)How long do the different study abroad courses last?

Excluding any type of credit exemptions, a bachelor’s degree would typically last for 3 or maybe 4 years. Normally, a master’s degree would last for 1.5-2.5 years and a Ph.D. would take 3.5 years to be completed.

5) How can I get started?

The initial step and the most important one is to make up your mind to study abroad. Once you have made up your mind about where you want to learn, what program you want to, choose, and at which university.
You can research leading universities to discover and shortlist those universities which are best for your subject, and also consult national rankings of universities in your chosen destination.
You’ll then want to look closely at the courses offered by the institutions on your shortlist, as well as research the local area and lifestyle, admission requirements, and costs.

6) What documentation should I submit with my application?

Once you have applied, You may be asked to provide some supporting documentation as part of your application. But requirements vary from country to country and university, but international students are often asked to provide some of the following documentation:

1) Passport identification
2) A statement of purpose
3) CV/résumé
4) Academic references/ letters of recommendation
5) Certificate and transcripts of your secondary education
6) Proof of English-language proficiency (e.g. a TOEFL/IELTS certificate, for schools in
English-speaking countries), or other language tests
7) Admissions test results (e.g. GMAT/GRE results, for graduate programs)

7 Frequently asked Questions and Answers about Study Abroad7) Do I need to apply for a student visa?

YES! The moment you have decided to study outside your home country you certainly need a student visa especially for those who wish to engage in a long period program greater than 3 months but then if you are on a shorter exchange that will last at most 3 months or less a tourist or visitor visa will do, though not all international students will need one.
These were some of the most frequently asked questions to us, I hope that this might have helped you as well. There are infinite reasons to choose Nepcoms Services to study abroad consultants in Dehradun as we always are more than ready to guide you and give you the best advice for your career. If you too wish to study abroad but you are confused and stuck to Choose between the above-mentioned countries then all you need is to contact us and you will be headed towards the best.